About us

Our mission is to connect and mobilise individuals and organisations to make a positive contribution to today’s and tomorrow’s world with passion.

Through our work, we address the pressing challenges in climate, biodiversity, and growing inequality globally. This is why we guide organisations that genuinely seek to make an impact. Those who aspire to elevate sustainability and lead their industries.

“Where people collectively dare to connect with their inner selves and what they have to offer the world, an immense positive and collective power emerges. It is precisely this power that we need to transform today’s world into tomorrow’s.”

About our name

Our name holds deep significance for us. We envision a world where humanity is a keystone species, playing a pivotal role in shaping the world in which it lives.

Keystone species are critical organisms that play a crucial role in the ecosystem to which they belong. They maintain the integrity of the entire system. Remove a keystone species from its ecosystem, and the ecosystem undergoes dramatic changes.

An example: the wolf.

Remove the wolf from its ecosystem, and the ecosystem largely collapses. When the wolf disappeared from Yellowstone National Park, the deer population grew to the point of overgrazing. Vital vegetation no longer had the chance to recover properly, leading to the disappearance of forests and the emergence of barren plains. Additionally, the coyote quickly filled the gap left by the wolf, causing a decline in the populations of mice, rabbits, martens, badgers, and foxes. In short: the disappearance of the wolf results in a significant loss of biodiversity and weakens the ecosystem.

Bringing the wolf back to its ecosystem, as was done in Yellowstone National Park, dramatically changes the system. In Yellowstone Park, biodiversity multiplied, and the landscape regenerated. Even the physical geography of the area changed. Because the deer no longer consumed all vegetation, trees began to grow back. Their roots stabilized the banks, preventing erosion and altering the course of rivers.

What power: one species changing the entire ecosystem and geography.

At present, humanity also plays a significant role in its environment. However, unlike keystone species, this role is often negative and detrimental to biodiversity. The power and negative effects of the role we play are becoming increasingly evident.

But what if we discover together how we, as humans, can become a positive keystone species? What if we take on a role in our ecosystem that allows other species to thrive again and biodiversity to flourish? And what if we find a way for both individuals and organizations to contribute to this and reap the benefits? So that not only does our ecosystem find a new, positive balance, but the human species also truly flourishes again.

That’s what we’re working on at Keystone Species.

At KeystoneSpecies, we inspire people to take action. Together, we take small and large steps towards a new world. Each individual contributes from their own role, place, and talent. Because for the significant changes that are needed, we require keystone people in every corner of society.

We’re not currently hiring, but we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals. Feel free to drop us your CV, and we’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities!

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Get to know us

Dagmar Heemskerk

Co-Founder & Lead Facilitator

Dagmar is a geographer and ecosystemic and dialogue facilitator, guiding individuals through societal and personal transitions in this ‘in-between time.’ She possesses an insatiable curiosity about the world and all living beings, including humans. As a facilitator, she draws upon her expertise in leadership, systems dynamics, constellations, active hope, deep democracy, deep ecology, indigenous wisdom, and quantum science. She creates spaces where we can confront reality, shift perspectives, and envision new possibilities for our future.

Diane Bos

Co-Founder & Lead Facilitator

As a certified systemic coach, trainer and facilitator of social change, personal growth and conflict transformation, Diane brings about deep processes of change. With a strong background in conflict transformation, systemic coaching, constellations and body work, she brings a deeper sense of awareness into every conversation and group she works with. Being able to tap into the underlying patterns of both societies, teams and individuals, she is able to work with the unseen dynamics that influence our lives.

Marie Christine Roeleveld


Marie Christine is a psychologist, systemic coach, and (mindfulness) trainer. Her work focuses on restoring connection with ourselves, each other, and the earth. As a facilitator, she has a keen sense of what is happening within the group, can bring hidden issues to the surface in a lighthearted manner, and is able to connect the personal to the universal.

Maria Grazia Testa

Strategical expert

For over 25 years Maria has led global organisations going through radical change, running operations in 6 continents, driving transitions for multinationals worldwide, as well as global programmes affecting ecology, people and economy in the public sector and civil society, in collaboration with United Nations, the European Commission and national governmental bodies.
Next to her professional, environmental and societal commitment, she is a Mindfulness and Contemplation practitioner since 27 years.
Grounded in her expertise in business models engineering, the circular economy, organisational design, and social sciences, she delivers systemic approaches to complex organisational Transitions and Transformations, where The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are central.

“We live very close together, so our prime purpose, in life, is to help others.” – Tenzin Gyatso

Eelco Bolk

Coach & Trainer

With 25 years of experience in education, training and coaching, Eelco has built up expertise in designing and executing personal transformation & leadership programs. Bringing his inner peace, honesty and sincere approach everywhere he goes, his personal story of resilience and adaptability is intertwined with his variety of professional skills in coaching, leadership development, team building, facilitation and life skills.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It’s about one life influencing another.”

Aart van der Horst

Traner & Facilitator

As a certified and experienced team coach, senior trainer, educator and coach, Aart is highly skilled in observing, analysing, creating and facilitating learning processes and positive change from within. The combination of more than 20 years of experience in facilitating both international leadership teams and complex youth groups contributes to his balanced, ethical, approach to human behaviour, learning and development.

“You don’t have to know anything. It’s more important to have the attitude of Beginners Mind, a mind that is open and fresh, than to be an expert.”

Times are urgent,
let’s slow down.

Bayo Akomolafe