Keystone Transitions.
The programme that brings ESG to life in your organisation.

In Keystone Transitions, immersion, meaning and momentum converge. We distil complex issues like climate change, health, and the new economy into actionable insights customised for your organisation. Our approach makes sustainability tangible, empowering participants to discover and execute their unique contributions to the bigger whole. This results in a robust and dynamic ESG strategy that is not just conceptual but actionable and impactful.


Meaningful impact


The programme

Keystone Transitions is a three-day programme, tailored to your organisation’s needs. We assemble groups of 15-20 employees in an inspiring setting where they engage in an experiential journey. Throughout this programme, we prioritise personal reflection and translate sustainability aspirations into actionable strategies, both collectively and individually.

Key components of the programme include:

The programme is led by seasoned facilitators and developed in collaboration with renowned sustainability experts, such as Dagmar Heemskerk, Jan Rotmans, Babette Porcelijn, Birgit Spoorenberg, and Egbert Mulder.



“ʼThis program brings you from the knowledge in your head to the wisdom in your heart. Within our organisation, Keystone Transitions has ignited inspiration, connection, and acceleration. The enthusiasm is palpable. After more than 100 of our sustainability ambassadors participated, other teams are eager to follow their lead.”

Lars Dijkstra
Chief Sustainability Officer
Van Lanschot Kempen

“Keystone Transitions has deeply touched and completely surprised me. It’s a transformative experience: confronting, beautiful, warm, connecting, and innovative”

Babette Looije

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