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Intrinsic motivation

Collective transformation

Your organisation wants to be on the right track. To be good for itself and for the world.

However, as you strive for more sustainable impact on the world, there can be many hurdles to overcome:

These obstacles threaten the realisation of your ESG ambitions. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We’re here to help ignite excitement from within your organisation. Let’s make sustainability your shared compass.


“We wanted to bring our ESG strategy to life. Keystone Species and the Keystone Transitions programme have propelled our organisation into irreversible motion.”

Maarten Edixhoven
CEO Van Lanschot Kempen

“A strikingly beautiful stimulus to wholeheartedly accept and shape your unique and crucial role in this world. The Keystone Transitions programme serves as an excellent bridge for companies in transition or those consciously seeking a change but have yet to find a way to truly support and develop their employees as leading ambassadors.”

Aart van der Horst
360° Horizons

“Keystone Transitions touches everything and yet remains elusive. The programme is as versatile as you are. This is a truly significant gift for yourself. Unwrap it. I am living with more courage. I find it incredibly special that Triodos organises something like this and am grateful for the opportunity we’ve been given.”

Gerdie Schreuders
Live Online Events

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Keystone Perspectives

Inspire your employees with new perspectives. Gain essential insights into nature and health in just one day.

Keystone Transitions

Embody and activate sustainability within your organisation. This programme unlocks the collective power of your team.

Keystone Guides

Embed sustainability in your organisation and transform from within. We support your sustainable leaders and innovators. 

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